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Less than a dozen dates left open Upstate…

It’s that time folks!  The air is crisp and the birds have started to move south.

Autumn says get a move on lets get those birds!

The calendar has booked up fast this year.  We have less than 6 days open for Early Ducks and Geese in October.  November currently only has 4 days left.

THAT’S IT FOLKS.  LESS THAN A DOZEN DATES LEFT OPEN.   If you haven’t gotten in yet don’t wait any longer.  Please call asap and get your spot locked in.  We’ll see ya in camp!

Less than 40 days! The season is upon us…

The season is right around the corner.  Its been a long 8 months since we’ve been able to swing a scatter gun through the sky looking to connect.

Don’t miss out on what is looking to be a fantastic season.  The woods are acting like winter will be early this year get your dates booked today!  Uncle Red is ready to point those birds out for ya!

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