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The BIG DAY has arrived! Upstate camp is open for the season!



Red Oster

The BIG DAY has arrived!  Upstate camp is open for the season!

As of today please call us on the camp phone at 607-863-3799 if you need anything.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL  after 8pm.  

We are looking forward to seeing all of you for what we see as being an exceptional season.

We are almost booked completely to capacity.  Keep an eye here and on FB for any cancellations that may provide you an opening if you haven’t gotten a date yet.

A great season to you all.  Be safe, Be healthy and most of all  Keep your powder dry!

Less than a dozen dates left open Upstate…

It’s that time folks!  The air is crisp and the birds have started to move south.

Autumn says get a move on lets get those birds!

The calendar has booked up fast this year.  We have less than 6 days open for Early Ducks and Geese in October.  November currently only has 4 days left.

THAT’S IT FOLKS.  LESS THAN A DOZEN DATES LEFT OPEN.   If you haven’t gotten in yet don’t wait any longer.  Please call asap and get your spot locked in.  We’ll see ya in camp!

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